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2 Questions about SIM 7.0

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2 Questions about SIM 7.0



1. Is a licence required for HIM SIM? 

2. Does SIM 7.0 support servers which are very old, i.e. does it not really care as long as the insign manager components are installed on the remote server?

jim goodman
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Re: 2 Questions about SIM 7.0

SIM does not require any license beyond the free key you get with registration - the extended features of SIM aka Insight Control do.



The QuickSpecs will lead to the path of all wisdom for supportability of legacy systems


Short answer is hardware isn't the limitation, if you can ping it you can monitor at least live state status - for meaningful monitoring and event management Management Agents 6.20 is as far back as you can go with any expectation of consistency and reliability.


Forget the "path to all wisdom" remark - some of the errors in the Quickspecs haven't been fixed