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2K3 Servers appearing as unmanaged

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Fraser Dickson
Occasional Contributor

2K3 Servers appearing as unmanaged

Hi All,

Wonder if anyone can help me with an odd problem I am having.

I have an automatic discovery task which runs on my 5.1 system, and it successfully picks up all my Windows 2000 Servers including Product Name (Proliant xxx) and OS.

However all of my Windows 2003 Servers are discovered however are marked as unmanaged so don't appear in my "All Servers" list.

Does anyone know what might be causing this?

fred Passeron
Honored Contributor

Re: 2K3 Servers appearing as unmanaged


Unmanaged can mean several things :
1/ The CMS can ping and resolve the DNS name but it can not communicate with the different management protocols.
Check whether SNMP and insight agents are installed and properly configured. If SNMP and agents are installed but not configured then you can use the configure and repair agents to fix this.

2/Sometimes, security comes also in the way, check that communication is correct between the CMS and the clients (no firewall in between). You can also check global protocol settings in HP SIM to see which wbem users are configured. Are your Win2k3 servers part of the same domain as your win2k servers?

Hope it helps

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David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: 2K3 Servers appearing as unmanaged

'Unmanaged' means that HP SIM is unable to communicate using a management protocol with the device. The most common reason for this with Windows 2003 servers is that by default when SNMP is installed it is set to respond only to 'localhost' (and thus HP SIM is unable to get SNMP traffic from it) and without any community string. You can correct this manually or by using the 'Configure or Repair Agents...' utility in HP SIM.
Fraser Dickson
Occasional Contributor

Re: 2K3 Servers appearing as unmanaged

Thanks Guys.

It was the SNMP Security settings that were set to localhost only - changed that and voila it's all there in Insight Manager.

Thanks again
Fraser Dickson
Occasional Contributor

Re: 2K3 Servers appearing as unmanaged

Changed SNMP Security and all working