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A few issues with HP SIM 7.2

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A few issues with HP SIM 7.2

Hi All,


I have just upgraded my HPSIM installation from v7.0 to 7.2 and am now having some problems.


Several of my servers are now showing this when I log into the system management homepage:


Management Processor: none Data Source: none System model: unknown


There is also a lot of information missing from the SMHP which I guess is related.


The other issue is that for the servers that are showing the SMHP correctly, I cannot view their software status.  It appears as a blue question mark in HPSIM.  All the usual tricks (reconnecting servers to repository, reauthenticating etc) dont seem to be working to resolve this.


I have attached a few images of the problem.


Hopefully someone can help!



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Re: A few issues with HP SIM 7.2

Hello the missing info in your System Management Homepage should be a local problem. Do all of your servers have this problem ? You should check the settings for the System Managment Homepage under Settings> Select SMH Data Source>Select>SNMP or WBEM. This depends on the source you want to use. It could be that your SNMP config is faulty. Change to WBEM, login again and check if all data is available again. If this works the SNMP config or subagents are broken. Fix this first and switch back to SNMP


The blue Software status can be fixed in HP SIM Choose from the menu Deploy>Software/Firmware Baselines> Manage Software/Firmware Baselines. Do you have baselines defined here? If you have assign your system to a baseline and do a datacollection of the system. If the baselines are not present, you'll have to upload some SPP's or PSP's.


Hope this helps.





Kind regards,