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Adding ESXi 6.0 Hosts to HP SIM

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Adding ESXi 6.0 Hosts to HP SIM

Guys,  previously when adding out ESXi hosts to HP SIM we simply added their root account / password to the Global Settings.  Everything worked great ...

Recently we had to update each of our ESXi Hosts to have a unique root password.

Since updating our ESXi Hosts to 6.0 the new root password lockout feature has been enabled on the host.

The fucntion can be disabled on the ESXi 6.0 Host...

Can I ask if anyone else has the same issue with an ESXi 6.0 Host, unique root passwords and HP SIM.

Do you add your hosts to HP SIM using root?

Is there another way to add the host to HP SIM without using root?

Any advice would be greatly apprecaited ...



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Re: Adding ESXi 6.0 Hosts to HP SIM

You can use a discovery account that has root like rights, say you create simdiscovery account to your ESX accounts and use that for discovery, root is not an account you want to use for discovery.


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Re: Adding ESXi 6.0 Hosts to HP SIM


I have the same issue. Did you solve the problem? Could you help me?

Thanks in advance.