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Adding a Chassis to HP SIM

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Adding a Chassis to HP SIM

I am having an Issue identifying a chassis after i have discovered it in HP SIM. I get this error:


Identification for this system has been skipped. This may be
          because the system has no IP address, or it may be that system
          monitoring has been suspended. To enable system monitoring, go to
          Options -> System Properties -> Suspend or Resume Monitoring...


I dont know what it means by no IP i am assuming it is for the OA, however it does indeed have an IP for this.

I enable system monitoring on the box so i just dont know.


I have been able to send a test SNMP trap, thus i know it is communicateing with the HP SIM Server, but i just cant get the information added.



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Re: Adding a Chassis to HP SIM



It is normal that you cannot discover a blade enclosure because it doesn't have an IP address... The blade enclosure is detected by means of the Onboard Administrator board...


So do a discovery of the OA and the enclosure will be automatically created and populated with info...





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David Orwig
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Re: Adding a Chassis to HP SIM

If the firmware on the OA is up to date, you might have to update SIM to a newer version to properly identify the enclosure. (Been there, Done that.)