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Adding a Cisco MDS9509 to SIM

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Adding a Cisco MDS9509 to SIM

Anyone have experience doing this? I cant seem to get anything but a straight up ping for information.
If you have set these up before, would you be willing to give me a step by step?

Thank you!
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Re: Adding a Cisco MDS9509 to SIM

I dont have any experience with this particular piece of hardware, but the process is relatively the same for any non-hp hardware and SIM. First, you have to configure SNMP on the Cisco device to send SNMP traps to your CMS. That should be in the Cisco documentation.

Once that's done, your Cisco device should be sending traps to SIM, but SIM won't know what those traps mean unless you "compile the MIB". What you have to do is get the appropriate Cisco MIB, and run a few commands on the CMS:
1) mcompile
This command spits out a file with the same name, but a .CFG extension.
2) mxmib -a

Once you compile the MIB, then SIM will understand the traps it is getting from the Cisco device. Then you can click on Options - Events - SNMP Trap Settings and customize what you want to do with the alerts.