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After changing trusts PMP will not license

AJ Paisley
Occasional Advisor

After changing trusts PMP will not license

I install SIM5.0 SP3 today. I was hoping the PMP licensing issue would be resolved in the new version. I installed all the components of SIM to include PPM. I later realized that I had some machines that did not have trusts. I changed the trusts and now they show up as unreachable licenses machines. I had the same issue in production and I had to uninstall and reinstall PMP to get it working. I had to tell the client not to change trusts. I guess this is a know issue but at some point these people are going to want to move to trust by certificates and it will break again. Has any one seen this. I have no machines I can license now.
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: After changing trusts PMP will not license

I've not seen Trusts affect the PMP licensing, but I have seen SNMP access affect it.

Check the HPSIM Server has SNMP access, e.g. correct SNMP Community names and it is one of the Allowed Hosts.

If there are still problems try restarting all of the Agents on the Server (I restart SNMP and all dependencies) you can also restart the PMP Service.