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Agent Trust Errors driving me koo koo

Occasional Advisor

Agent Trust Errors driving me koo koo

We have Insight manager vers 5.0 sp5 installed on server xxxxx. Plugin applications installed:

HP Server Migration Patch 2.0.2
HP Virtual Machine Mngmnt Pack 2.0.2
HP Blade System Integrated Manager 2.1

We have server xxxxx do a network discovery of all hp servers.

Hardware checks out with green check. SW checks out with blue i. Checking System management homepage/version control agent, I see I have only two items which do not check out positively; "Online ROM Flash Component for Windows- Compaq Integrated Smart Array Controller vers 1.50" and "Online ROM Flash Component for Windows - HP ProLiant CL380/DL380/ML370 (P17)vers. 2002.12.18.".

I deploy the update packs seperately to to each item in question. Both fail. This is happening for several servers. Why is this not working? Is there a hardware/software or /firmware incompatibility which will not allow for the upgrade? We're spinning our wheels here.

Please help