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Re: Agentless monitoring with SIM7.x - first time using and I have questions

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Agentless monitoring with SIM7.x - first time using and I have questions

I am trying to use Agentless monitoring with HP SIM for the first time, and I have a few questions:


1) Do I only discover the iLO and then SIM automatically finds server?  Or should I be discovering both at the same time with the same discovery job.

2) Releated to above question, I tried just the iLO method, and it did find a server but it finds it by serial number instead of server name.  So is this how it is supposed to work, or is there a way to make the discovery automatically find the server by name instead of SN?  Or do I discover both objects instead of just the iLO (per my first question)?

3) In the iLO SNMP Alert settings, do I use "iLO Host Name" or "OS Host Name"?  Does it matter?

4) I dont need SNMP installed on the OS, correct?

5) Why does a "software status" column show up for the iLO - its a worthless "blue question mark" icon so why do they even show it if the concept of software status and iLO is pretty much meaningless.  Or is there some way to make this show usefull information?




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Re: Agentless monitoring with SIM7.x - first time using and I have questions

I am sure you know that "agentless" monitoring is a Gen8+ feature only.


So, just a few things need to be done to make this work:

- Install the "HP Agentless Management Service" (aka AMS) on the server.  This service passes OS information and adds a few additional features that the iLO can't do without.

- Set the iLO configuration to "Agentless" and not Pass-Through in the Management section

- Set your SNMP community names and trap destination pointing to your SIM server in the same location


If this is done correctly, you should see an association on the iLO after discovery finishes of the machine's host name, with IP address and OS information (vendor, version).  You do not need to discover the host name separately.  There is a support matrix out there that explains the difference between full agents, AMS + iLO, and no AMS with iLO only.


All communication from this point forward should be via the iLO using SNMP.  It does NOT use RIBCL (I only mention this in case you want to use Insight Remote Support, which likes to use RIBCL).  You do not need to configure or set up SNMP on the hosts, or install the full HP Management Agents.


So far, this has worked nicely for me and I have RedHat, ESXi, and Windows machines (Gen8s) discovered this way.


The software status is for the VCA component and you can't use that without the full agents on the OS.  It basicaly lets you do version control/compliancy for drivers, agents, etc.. and is matched against a baseline to turn it green/orange/red.  I don't think this has any valid status for iLO/agentless.


So, I think you are almost there - just drop the AMS on there and delete/re-discover your hosts.  I used HP SUM to painfully update my Windows machines and VMware can be easily updated using Update Manager once you set up a baseline to include the AMS pieces.