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Alert generated by rebooting of OS

Occasional Advisor

Alert generated by rebooting of OS

SIM was installed in Windows2003.
There are ten Windows2003 to be observed, and Agent of various versions has entered.

When the machine to be observed is reactivated, SIM receives the NIC Connectivity Lost Trap(180
06) alert.
However, there are a machine where this alert is generated and a machine not generated.

Is there a difference by old and new of the Agent version?

What cause is thought?
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: Alert generated by rebooting of OS

There should be no difference in the behaviour of old and new agents that would cause this.

To see if a server is available HPSIM polls the server using a number of protocols (snmp, ping etc.)
If a server has a hardware error then the agents on the server send an snmp trap. This is where different agents can cause different events on HPSIM.

If connectivity is lost, there may be network issues (slow WAN?) to consider.
Occasional Advisor

Re: Alert generated by rebooting of OS

Thank you.

The problem is not in the server.

There are a server where NIC Connectivity Lost Trap(18006) alert is generated when Windows is reactivated and a server not generated.
The difference is not understood.

What alert does SIM usually receive when Windows is made to be rebooted?
H.Y. Yiu
Frequent Advisor

Re: Alert generated by rebooting of OS

Sim will get a cold start and link up *after* reboot in the events log. If you have a short polling time you will get a system unreachable event.
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Re: Alert generated by rebooting of OS

Maybe i didn't understood your question correctly, but, in order to warn me when a server reboots (and not only when it losts network conn.) i configured following option :
in Options > Events > SNMP Trap Settings, choose rfc1215.mib, trap name "Cold Start", and increase severity level (i choosed major), to make the trap more "visible" in SIM console.
Occasional Advisor

Re: Alert generated by rebooting of OS

Hi there,

I agreed with Rob that it could be due to traffic in your network.
I have a server also has this symptom that generate Connectivity Lost Trap.
I also noticed that it takes a while to boot to Windows. When SIM tries to established a connection, it actually went timed out and alert Connectivity Lost Trap will be sent.

As for the Agent version, i have did some troubleshootings and realised that if you have a higher version of SIM, some of your older agents might not be able to work which means SIM would not be able to monitor/ communicate that server with older agent or otherwise not supported by HP.
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Re: Alert generated by rebooting of OS

Thank you!

As a result of the verification, it solved it.

The alert had gone out of NIC that did not connect LAN cable.

The alert did not go out when NIC was invalidated.