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Archived Or Deleted Support Packs End Up Returning

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Sean Murray_1
Regular Advisor

Archived Or Deleted Support Packs End Up Returning

Using VCRM and HP SIM 7.2 (Build C.

All I want are the latest packs listed. As new ones come in, I get rid (or at least try to) the older ones.

I don't want a lot listed or taking up disk space.

No matter if I archive them or delete the, they end up getting downloaded or installed again at some point.

Possibly in conjunction with the scheduled check I have with HP for updates.


I would have thought it would flag or mark something somewhere to not just bring everything back in again.


Am I missing something here? How can I make sure that the items I remove, stay that way?



Honored Contributor

Re: Archived Or Deleted Support Packs End Up Returning

Hello Sean,


I don't know if this is the "solution" you want but I always download my SPP's unpack them and put them in the Repository directory. The VCRM sees this and builds my baselines. This way you have absolute control over what gets uploaded and what is removed. I alway make a subdirectory per SPP so I can cleanup every individual SPP I have running.


The only disadvatages are that you have duplicate files depending of wich SPP's you put in the directory and you have to manualy upload the SPP's. But then you can subscribe so receive email when new SPPS and or drivers/utilities are released. In my oppinion you don't always want to be deploying the latest drivers/ utlilities, beter wait 1 month and then look if there are no known bugs and or B or C versions of the software.


Kind regards,



Kind regards,

Sean Murray_1
Regular Advisor

Re: Archived Or Deleted Support Packs End Up Returning

Yes, I could do it that way.

I was just hoping to have it be done automatically without cluttering the VCRM.


I usually let the updates sit for a bit before I put anything on, but the main goal is to keep it pretty clean, as I find it loads and runs better with less garbage in there.


I would have to check my subscriptions to make sure I would be notified so I don't forget. It may have to be done that way to avoid any bloating.