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Association Removed MIB change

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Association Removed MIB change


Does anyone know which MIB contains the below Association event?

I'd like to change the event severity to a lower level (minor) rather than the current major.

Event Name: Insight.AssociationRemoved
URL: Event originator: lamio36
Event Severity: Major
Event received: 21-Apr-2011, 12:340:11
Event description: Insight.AssociationRemoved

Thannks if you can assist
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Re: Association Removed MIB change

You can select the event inside SIM event page and you should get the event details. At the end of the event details you should see the field mib information which should tell you the mib file name and the MIB identifier.
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Re: Association Removed MIB change

Sorry the event you mentioned is of Event type "systems insight manager events". Such events will be created by SIM during the different type of operation (polling / discovery) the most popular one of this event group are the system is unreachable and system is reachable events. You do not get the MIB information field for those events. My first response is true for all registered SNMP traps from outside the SIM server.

I hope the information will help you to build your event automation task.