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Re: Association "OA <-> Enclosure" and "server <-> Enclosure" not wo


Association "OA <-> Enclosure" and "server <-> Enclosure" not working with SIM 7.2



The association between the OA and the Enclosure and between the server and the Enclosure is not working any more after having upgraded from HP SIM 7.1.2 to HP SIM 7.2


I lunched many Identification tasks targeting the OAs, the iLOs and the servers. All finished well (with the green tick) but the association is still missing.


Extract of one Identification task log:


Normal:   Systems in an enclosure and Virtual Connect domains will be created

          because the automatic enclosure discovery option for OA is enabled.

        * Running XMLReply Identifier which will discover systems in a

          rack/enclosure if the automatic discovery option for the container

          node is enabled...

        * Running iLO Identifier which will discover the server if the

          automatic server discovery option for iLO is enabled...


I even tried to delete OA and servers and to  re-discover them afterwards, but I'm still missing the association.


This was working fine until I upgraded.


BTW, we are running the latest version of the OA FW (3.71) and the association between Servers and iLOs IS working well !


Any help would be appreciate





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Re: Association "OA <-> Enclosure" and "server <-> Enclosure" not wo

I have exactly the same issue with 7.2.


The discovery runs and all the components are detected, the VC domain created etc, but at the end the association between the OAs and the enclosure is missing. Out of 8 enclosures, 4 failed initially, and I have managed to persuade one more to register subsequently (did no change the config, just reentered it and rebooted OAs etc).


Running a file diff on the "show all" configs does not show any material differences between enclosures that register OK and those that do not.


This ia new install of VCEM 7.2


Because the asscoiations are missing, even though the VC Domains appear in SIM, they are not visible in the VCEM console.