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Authenticate with certificate on Insight Homepage

Laszlo Csizmadia
Frequent Advisor

Authenticate with certificate on Insight Homepage

Is it possible to authenticate with certificate when login to the HP System Management Homepage (HPSMH)?
I have several RedHat linux boxes with Insight agents and I want to avoid to create system account.
As of HPSIM 7.20 HPSMH requires a linux account to login when clicking to http://servername:2301

It's working smoothly when connecting from Insight Manager server - after I added its cert to trusted certificates list on the client.
I guess I need to create some cert, import it to my Firefox and add it to the trusted cert list.
But could you explain me somebody how to do all this exactly if possible at all?

Thanks in advance,
Laszlo Csizmadia
Frequent Advisor

Re: Authenticate with certificate on Insight Homepage

Does anybody has any idea?
Is this not possible to do or I was not clear?

David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: Authenticate with certificate on Insight Homepage

Laszlo, it's unclear from your question what you are asking.

The installation of the SMH requires a valid account associated with it at installation for it to run within the context of the OS.

Single Sign-On is a feature of HP SIM that allows that SMH to "trust" HP SIM, typically through the use of the HP SIM certificate server passing the certificate as it references the SMH.

If you are using a browser and wish to navigate without HP SIM to an SMH, as a browser does not have a SSO certificate server, that is not possible.

When you import a certificate into a browser, that has one purpose, and that is to recognize the certificate being served to you if it is not from a source you already trust.