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Automatic Event Handling - Tasks running but Jobs in Pending state


Automatic Event Handling - Tasks running but Jobs in Pending state

Hi guys,

We're running SIM 5.3 on a Proliant BL465c G5 and the DB on a dedicated SQL cluster.
We have more than 3000 systems actually.

Since 1 week, we encounter issues with all the tasks jobs in the Automatic Event Handling which are in a pending state.
There are some jobs which seems to be executed (complete status) but when we open the status of them, we can see failures mentionning that the "Event was skipped, it was an old event"

In regard of the number of systems we have, we already disabled all scheduled tasks running in the same time to let only the events handling ones running. No changes.

We have also cleaned the files *.out residing in the "C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\Systems Insight Manager\output" folder. No changes.

We have setup an automatic clean of the events which have more than 90 days to free the DB. No changes.

We perform also an automatic daily restart of the SIM service.

So, we're a bit stuck actually. It's clear that we have more systems than supported by the application but we would like to know if there is something to do or if we must wait for version 6.0

Can someone able to bring us some assistance?

Thank you beforehand.