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Automatic discovery questions

B. van der Sluis
Occasional Visitor

Automatic discovery questions


I am new to SIM and made a automatic discovery. The result from some HP workstations and servers the "System type" was "Unmanaged". As far I can see are the systems identical installed but for some reason the outcome is not as expected. Even 3 brand new HP LJP2015DN printers gave "System type" was "Unmanaged".
Any idea were to look?

Also another question in the category "quick and dirty", how can I setup a warning if a disk is having trouble e.g. bad blocks or even failed?

Thanks in advance,

David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: Automatic discovery questions

"Unmanaged" means that HP SIM has not been successful in communicating during the Identification process (which kicks off for a device after it is discovered) using any of the management protocols. This could mean that there is not a valid credential (WBEM/WMI) or community string (SNMP) in HP SIM that matches the device. It also could mean that there is something blocking the protocol somewhere in the route between HP SIM and the device.