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BL20p - Association Removed

Brian Hahne
Regular Advisor

BL20p - Association Removed

Since upgrading to 6.0, I'm getting some odd errors on my p-class enclosures. We are down to 4 enclosures (32 blades) but all are getting "removed" within SIM 6.0.
Not sure what is causing this. Has anyone else seen this? I put xx's in on the identifying data...

Event Name: Association Removed
Event originator: xxxxxxxx
Event Severity: Major
Event received: 28-May-2010, 11:35:20
Event description: An association between the two systems listed below has been removed. This can happen for several reasons, the most common is that credentials have changed for one of the two systems, other causes are that the OS has been redeployed and does not have instrumentation, try running Configure and Repair Agent Settings

Association has been removed between following 2 systems xxxxxxx D44-04
Current Time: 28-May-2010, 11:35:29 EDT

so it's system name xxxxxxx and enclosure D44-04

Our p-class have the enhanced backplanes, you can go into ILO and see the systems all in the rack view... so they are there. This seems to be a SIM 6 thing..

Jas Marwaha
Occasional Visitor

Re: BL20p - Association Removed

Hi Brian,
I am having the same issue were you able to fix this issue. Can you email me hpw did you resolve this issue?

Brian Hahne
Regular Advisor

Re: BL20p - Association Removed

Sorry, we never did resolve the problem.

It stopped being as frequent, as we are now on the latest release and fix packs...
But it still happens on occassion.

HP told me that it would give this message, and possibly remove the association within SIM on the next discovery round.. but I've never seen it happen. In SIM, the blades still all look as if they're in the enclosure.
We're hopefully aging out our p-class this year so maybe then it won't bug us.
Jas Marwaha
Occasional Visitor

Re: BL20p - Association Removed

Thanks Brian for quick response. i am new to SIM business. I a more familiar with HP Sitescope. I have some physical boxes and someESX boxes. Do you think may be virtual machines time to time loose association?


Re: BL20p - Association Removed

Hi Brian,

this happens when you upgrade HP SIM or any client software components.

You may re-establish the association by running the repair agent task

Check this guide to see what repair agent option does

The Systems Insight Manager Configure or Repair Agents tool is a quick and easy way to configure Linux, HP-UX and Windows managed systems to communicate with Systems Insight Manager from a Windows CMS.

To run Configure or Repair Agents remotely against multiple systems simultaneously, you must have authorizations to run the Configure or Repair Agents tool.

IN HP SIM 6.0 onwards it is there in Configure
Select Configure >> Configure or Repair Agents

Hope this helps,

I work for HPE
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