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Backup Script for HPSIM on linux

Occasional Contributor

Backup Script for HPSIM on linux

I wrote a short backup script for my linux installation of HP SIM.  


Either copy and paste the following or grab the file below.


Feel free to use/modify this for your own purposes.


# Created by: Tim James -
# Creation date: 8/20/2011

# Simple script to backup the whole lot of HP SIM
# Create a temp directory with all the config file locations already propagated
# Copy all of the existing config files into the temp location
# Dump the postgres DB into the temp location
# tar that beast and call it the current date

# NOTE: this makes use of a .pgpass file in the home directory of the user
# that is going to run the script.


bkup_date=`date +"%Y%m%d"`
bkup_day=`date +"%A"`


# Only save 7 days worth of backups.

if [ "$bkup_day" == "Sunday" ]; then
rm /backup/*


# Create temp locations for files.

mkdir -p $dir_loc/etc/opt/mx/config/
mkdir -p $dir_loc/var/opt/mx/config/
mkdir -p $dir_loc/etc/opt/hp/sslshare/
mkdir -p $dir_loc/var/opt/mx/logs/
mkdir -p $dir_loc/opt/mx/bin/
mkdir -p $dir_loc/opt/mx/patch/
mkdir -p $dir_loc/var/opt/mx/output/


cp -R /etc/opt/mx/config $dir_loc/etc/opt/mx/config
cp -R /var/opt/mx/config/ $dir_loc/var/opt/mx/config/
cp -R /etc/opt/hp/sslshare/ $dir_loc/etc/opt/hp/sslshare/
cp /var/opt/mx/logs/mx.log $dir_loc/var/opt/mx/logs/
cp -R /opt/mx/patch/ $dir_loc/opt/mx/patch/
cp /opt/mx/bin/server_cert.pem $dir_loc/opt/mx/bin/
cp /opt/mx/bin/CLIClientConfig.cfg $dir_loc/opt/mx/bin/
cp -R /var/opt/mx/output $dir_loc/var/opt/mx/output/


# PG-DUMP to get the file into a format able to be backed-up

/opt/hpsmdb/bin/pg_dump -h -p 50006 -U mxadmin insight_v1_0 > $dir_loc/saveHPSIMdb


# TAR that meagerie of stuff

tar -zcf $bkup_loc/$bkup_date.tar.gz $dir_loc


# Cleanup the temp files created.
rm -r $dir_loc/