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Blade / Rack Temperature with HPSIM

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Blade / Rack Temperature with HPSIM

Hello everybody,

I want to get the temperature of a HP rack or blade, and I see it can be done by a SNMP trap.
So I followed instructions from HP site and if found the matching OID :
for "cpqHeTemperatureChassis" object (for example)

Then I tried to explore this OID by a MIB Browser on my HPSIM server, I didn't find it ; I had nothing more than

In addition I made an update on MIB on my HPSIM server, with no more success.

So if anyone could help me on the procedure to get the blade temperature in HPSIM, I would be grateful to him/her ; it would allow me to send automatically a mail in case of overheating...
Scott Shaffer
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Re: Blade / Rack Temperature with HPSIM

That's not the right variable (as you no doubt guessed.) That variable is for a system chassis temperature sensor - something that's just inside the box. As far as I know, we no longer have those types of sensors.

Instead, look in CPQRACK.MIB - it contains the blade/rack MIB entries. In particular, first look to see if the enclosure supports a temperature sensor (cpqRackCommonEnclosureHasTempSensors) then look at the cpqRackCommonEnclosureTempTable to get the complete information on a per-enclosure bassis (note that multiple enclosures are listed in this table - indexed by the serial number.)

It is important to note that this MIB is only available when talking to BL-class blade severs.
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Re: Blade / Rack Temperature with HPSIM

Thanks for your answer, this file is a "golden mine" ;-)
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Re: Blade / Rack Temperature with HPSIM

According to a ticket I just opened with HP, and (according to them) they do not support this on the HP C-class blade enclosures nor have I found it to work.

When performing and SNMP get/walk to cpqRackCommonEnclosureTempTable the Onboard Administrator (OA) does not return any values. Nor does cpqRackCommonEnclosureTempTable ( even appear under cpqRackCommonEnclosure (
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Re: Blade / Rack Temperature with HPSIM

Has there been any updates to this? I am trying to monitro the racks with NNM and need to compile the properMIBs....