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Blade System ESX Host Firmware Updates with HP SIM

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Blade System ESX Host Firmware Updates with HP SIM

Hi all


I've serached high and low for a definitive answer to this, but have been unable to find anything, hence this post.


We have an estate of over 200 BL460c blade servers running various versions of ESX from 3.5 to 4.1. We are also running HP SIM 6.3 and are looking at upgrading to 7.1


I've seen articles across the web stating that you can now update blade the firmware / BIOS from within HP SIM using the new HP SUM functionality baked into SIM 6.0+, but I have no idea how to do this. When I run 'Deploy Drivers, Firmware and Agents > Install Software and Firmware' on an ESX host, the tool will not run as the targets are reporting their OS as Hypervisor instead of the required Windows, Linux or Embedded.


Is this actually possible? If so, what am I doing / is going wrong?


Cheers in advance



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Re: Blade System ESX Host Firmware Updates with HP SIM


I can tell you From experience that SIM cannot inventory all the firmware on esx and you will have to do the updates offline either by


  • booting form a Firmware DVD or SPP DVD
  • PXE booting the firmware etc.

HPSUM.exe version 5 and upwards can however pull firmware info From ESXi i.e.. From the HP CIM providers running there but again, I don't thin the firmware deployment can be done. Only windows is supported form what I ca see.

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