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Blue Mark/ Warranty in the HP Sim

Simon Ciglia
Occasional Contributor

Blue Mark/ Warranty in the HP Sim

My Problem:

My Productnumber was from a special hp offer:
e.x. 12345-C21U
if i delete the U at the end and run the contract and warranty task. I get the right warranty information.

But my problem is that a task (maybe the identify task) read the information from the source again and changes my productnumber to the old number (12345-C21U)

How can i prevent this number from the change???

Or any other ideas?

Many thanks for any help!
Honored Contributor

Re: Blue Mark/ Warranty in the HP Sim

Try going into Edit System Properties for the server from the Tools and Links tab. There are two places where you can check that will keep identification processes from changing the information. Try checking them and see what happens.