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Broke my SIM server


Broke my SIM server

Hi everyone..

We had a external consultant who set us up with a HP Insight Manager server.. All was working very well until some other apps uninstalled MSDE for his own version of SQL.

My question is, would only reinstalling MSDE would fix things? I read that both version can coexists.

I was tempted to reinstall INsight Manager but was afraid to loose all of our settings.

Thanks for your help!

Daniel Leblanc
Honored Contributor

Re: Broke my SIM server

Salut Marie-Josee,

Non if you reinstall you wont lose any configuration,the best proof is when you upgrade from one version to on other ,you install the new version,it not on update.


What version of SQL it installed?


Re: Broke my SIM server

Nah, everything is gone now.. : (

Sigh... I'll start again I guess..


Re: Broke my SIM server

Ah yes.. And no, I'm from North East of New-brunswick! :D

You guessed that from my web accent? :P

Re: Broke my SIM server