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Bum HP Documentation on Setting up certificates

Lenny Davis
Regular Advisor

Bum HP Documentation on Setting up certificates

There is some incorrect HP documentation on setting up Trusted Relationships and certificates which I find extremely annoying in trying to understand how all this trust and certificate relationship stuff works.

The incorrect documentation can be found as follows:-
From my Insight Manager homepage (4.2 SP2), select Help, For HP Systems Insight Manager, Administering the Software, Trusted Certificates, Setting Up Trust Relationships.

Item 3 under heading "Setting up the Managed Server to Trust the central management server" is bum because it talks about a file copied from Step 4d. There is no such step as 4d so what is it referring to???

It can't mean importing the servcert.cert file as this is already imported as part of step 3 under the "Setting up the central management server to Trust Managed ProLiant Servers" heading.

If anyone could tell me what this step 4d is meant to be I would be grateful. I find trying to understand certificates and trust relationships compicated enought without the addition of crap documentation by HP.


Daniel Leblanc
Honored Contributor

Re: Bum HP Documentation on Setting up certificates

Are you using 4.2 sp2?If you are you should upgrade to 5 sp5, you will have a better help and you should have less trouble!