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CISCO devices not identified after MIBs import

Occasional Contributor

CISCO devices not identified after MIBs import


i did the import of the MIBs like here:

Straight from the Cisco web site

Many MIBs use definitions that are defined in other MIBs. These definitions are listed in the section titled IMPORTS near the top of the MIB.

If MIB B imports a definition from MIB A, some MIB compilers require you to load MIB A prior to loading MIB B. If you get the MIB loading order wrong, the MIB compiler might complain about what was imported claiming it as undefined or not listed in IMPORTS. If this happens, look at the loading order of the MIB definitions from the IMPORTS of the MIB. Make sure that you have loaded all the preceding MIBs first.

Following is a list of MIBs from which many other MIBs import definitions and the order in which you should load these MIBs:

1 SNMPv2-SMI.my
2 SNMPv2-TC.my
3 SNMPv2-MIB.my
4 RFC1213-MIB.my
5 IF-MIB.my

If you load the MIBs in this order, you can eliminate 95 percent of your load-order definition problems.

But when I identify the system, nothing happens.

Can s.o. help me in with my problem? thx
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: CISCO devices not identified after MIBs import

These MIBs are used to decode any traps sent by the Cisco switch.
What is the switch showing in the System Type field?
You may need to check the SNMP settings on the Cisco switch.
Occasional Contributor

Re: CISCO devices not identified after MIBs import

SNMP settings on the router are OK.

System type field:
Switch (but it is a router)