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CMS Upgrade from HP SIM 5.3 to HP SIM 6.x

Occasional Contributor

CMS Upgrade from HP SIM 5.3 to HP SIM 6.x

Hi all,
Following a problem with my CMS server (alerts are not any more received from my managed systems) I opened a case with the IRS Team. They told me that because my HP SIM is 5.3 I need to upgrade it to a 6.0 or greater and then if issues persists I can revert back to them. So my question is, can someone help me on this upgrade :
- Which Version should I use (6.0, 6.1 or 6.2)
- Which are the steps to undertake in order to avoid losing all the data of the discovered servers, SNMP and WBEM paramaters etc...
- Does an automatic tool exist to manage this upgrade?



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jim goodman
Trusted Contributor

Re: CMS Upgrade from HP SIM 5.3 to HP SIM 6.x

Might I recommend the Installation and Configation Guide:


See Chapter 6

I recommend 6.2u2 - You shouldn't lose any configurations in the course of the upgrade.
Alice Seeley
Frequent Advisor

Re: CMS Upgrade from HP SIM 5.3 to HP SIM 6.x

I am also doing an upgrade from HP SIM 5.3 to 6.0 and beyond. I see the migration tool is available once it has SIM 6.0 on it. I am wondering is there a need to export information to go to 6.0? I believe I have understood the documentation that a new database server is needed from 6.0 on and that is where I will need the export of configuration, correct?