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CPU Utilization and HPSIM/Insight Control v7.1

Daniel Penoff
Occasional Contributor

CPU Utilization and HPSIM/Insight Control v7.1

I recently upgraded an existing installation of HPSIM v7.0 to HPInsight Control v7.1.  It runs on an Windows 2008 R2 operating system hosted on a VM with 8GB of RAM and a 4.0 GHz dual processor.


Every since I performed the upgrade, processor utilization has been at 100% and the resulting performance of HPSIM has been sluggish, to say the least.


No changed were made to the clients, nor were additional nodes added at the time of upgrade.


Scheduling has been adjusted to lower values, and things such as discovery have either been disabled or limited to once a week at off peak times.  I would add that the values for scheduling were the same as they had been previously, so this should not have created a problem.


I don't want to tinker with this as it is in a production evnironment, so I would appreciate any suggestions as to possible solutions I can try when I have the opportunity.






Re: CPU Utilization and HPSIM/Insight Control v7.1

Is VM supported now? The install of SIM use to detect and block installs in a virtual enviroment. At least, if you are useing the remote support feature, it wasn't allowed in a virtual enviroment.


Was it really low before the upgrade? SIM is CPU hungry normally, and dual CPUs isn't a lot.


Given that it's virtual, can you just make a clone to play with?