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Can SIM display systems with their domain name?

Occasional Advisor

Can SIM display systems with their domain name?

I have SIM setup and it is showing me system names based on the reverse DNS lookup it gets on an IP (great!), but it only shows me the hostname and not the full FQDN - which is what I need as I deal with multiple customers/domains (with some overlapping hostnames)

Anyone have any input here as to how I get this setup?
Ralph Frampton
Frequent Advisor

Re: Can SIM display systems with their domain name?

I have both name formats in our HPSIM... at least until I've standardized on just the Host name.

I found that if DNS forward/reverse lookup is correct then you can have host only if you enter HOSTNAME for discovery & FQDN if you enter for discovery.

YMMV but that's what I've seen in HPSIM 5.1 SP1.

If you don't want to re-discover everything, you could try changing the Preferred System Name in the Edit System Properties for the target server. You will probably want to check the box for "Prevent the Discovery process from changing this system name."

It's been a while since I've done that last part & if using the same name you may have to do it in a two step process (eg. HOSTNAME > HOSTNAMEA > - actually I think I only have to do this two step process if I want an entry in all upper case if it was discovered in lower or mixed case).

Good Luck.