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Can not collect Contract and Warranty

Fredrick Karlsson_2
Occasional Advisor

Can not collect Contract and Warranty

For some reason I can not collect Contract and Warranty for a lot of servers when running a C&W Data Collection under Options.
I only manage to collect 4-5 C&W's out of some nearly 100 servers.
Looking under Remote Support and Configuration Services the Support Obligation is OK for most of them and the RSEC shows correct Entitlement Details.

Running the Task results in multiple "There was a problem processing the request. Verify the Remote Support Client service is running, properly configured and that the HP SIM server has access to the internet."
Since I manage to collect some this can not be the case. I have also tried to manually add SAID or Carepack S/N with no success.

Anyone with the same problem/experience?

Honored Contributor

Re: Can not collect Contract and Warranty

I am also having the same problem. I have received some suggestions from the forum, but none of them fixed my problem.