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Can't Login as Other Users

Keith W
Frequent Advisor

Can't Login as Other Users

When I installed HP SIM, I did it using a domain admin account.

Install went fine and the software runs without problems.

However, I am unable to log into SIM if I am logged onto the local server as ANY other user (even though the users are added in SIM as users and are full domain admins). It just hang on the "Checking HTTP server status" window and counts up for ever.

Logging onto the server as the admin I installed under and loggin in this way works fine.

Any ideas?

Thank you
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: Can't Login as Other Users

In HPSIM, are the users entered with a domain prefix? e.g. domain\username?

What happens when you try to login via an external workstation?
Occasional Advisor

Re: Can't Login as Other Users

It could be the folders/objects are unavailable or read-only to the non-admin account. You might try setting one of the users as a local-admin of the server temporarily and see if that allows you to log in. If it does, it could be a permissions problem on the files/folders.
Keith W
Frequent Advisor

Re: Can't Login as Other Users

I have never been able to log in from anything other that the server it is installed on. I have tried :50000 and just get a failure. Never looked into it in any depth as I didn't really require it.

The users are full domain administrators, and all folders/resources (from what I can tell) are secured against the Administrator group, which they are a member of.

I don't even get as far as being able to enter a username if I log onto the server as one of the new users. As soon as I launch SIM I just get the "Checking HTTP server status" message which stays on screen and counts up for as long as I leave it.

If I log onto the server as the administrator which installed SIM, then I can log on to it, but only as the admin I am logged on as (the one which did the install). Even if I try logging on as one o fthe new users, I get a "Sign-in failure" and this is logged in SIM as "A login attempt was made by an invalid user".