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Cannot add vcenter to hp sim/vse

Challancin Simone
Occasional Contributor

Cannot add vcenter to hp sim/vse

I have a problem with Insight Dynamics when I try to add a vmware vcenter
In my setup I have 2 vcenter.One installed where there is installed hpsim / vse and another to another dl380.
That without HP SIM works properly without any problem but when I add the one who I also installed the SIM I get this error message: Does Not Have UniqueIdentifier OR Identificationnumber set in SIM. The server must be Properly Identified in SIM.

Any idea?


Re: Cannot add vcenter to hp sim/vse

Hi Challancin Simone,

Run identification to VC IP with correct crendentials.

Verify that the Virtual Center credentials are correct on Systems Insight Manager.
â ¢ Verify that the virtual machine hosts are correctly registered to Insight Control virtual machine management
usage and are not reporting issues on Systems Insight Manager
â ¢ Verify that HP Insight Dynamics is correctly displaying the resources (physical or virtual.)

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Occasional Advisor

Re: Cannot add vcenter to hp sim/vse

Dear Ali
I have same problem with "Challancin Simone". But only error when the VCenter on the vitual machine.

Is th HP Insight Control for VMware vCenter not support the Vcenter install on the vitual machine?

Could you please advise.

Kamol ( & tha_kamol@hp.ccom)