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Cannot subscriibe to WBEM events

chris sales

Cannot subscriibe to WBEM events

hi, i have installed HP SIM 5.3 and upgraded most components to 5.4. ALl appears to be working well unless i try to subscripe to WBEM events for my ESX3i servers. I get the following error message ...
There was a problem connecting to the HP Systems Insight Manager server. Make sure that:
1. Your username has been added to HP Systems Insight Manager.
2. Your username and password, if specified, are correctly spelled.
3. HP Systems Insight Manager is running.
4. You used '--' for any long options and double quotes if your username includes a domain.
Example: --user "mydomain\myusername" --pass mypassword

ANy idea why this is happening ? im sure i have set everything up correctly. ANy advice would be welcome. Thanks
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: Cannot subscriibe to WBEM events

5.4? There is no 5.4. How are you subscribing? Use Configure or Repair Agents to do it so you don't have any command line issues.