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Change Global VCA/Security/SNMP Settings?

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Jesse Zellmer
Frequent Advisor

Change Global VCA/Security/SNMP Settings?


I am running HP SIM v5.0 SP4 (soon to be v5.1 for DST), and would like to know if there is a way to do the following, globally for all servers instead of one at a time:

1.) Change the Version Control Agent (VCA) settings to point to one server globally for all existing servers.
- Most are pointing to the only server we had the VCA on initially.

2.) Change the Security settings like (Local/Anonymous Access, Trust Mode, & Trusted Management Servers) for all existing servers to the same setting.

3.) Change the SNMP Settings for all servers to add the address of our HP SIM server.

All of the above we have been doing manually and it would be nice to change it globally for all servers.

Any thoughts would be appreciated - thanks!
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: Change Global VCA/Security/SNMP Settings?

Many of the changes above can be done by duplicating the settings.
But a Trust needs to be established first. I've used the following workaround:
In the VCRM update the SMH Agent with all of the settings you want including the certificate from the server.
Again in the VCRM create a Custom baseline that just includes the SMH with the updated configuration items.
Use the Deploy new PSP feature in HPSIM and just deploy this new Baseline, uncheck the reboot (not required) and check the downgrade or reinstall option.
This then delivers a newly configured SMH with the correct Trust settings.
Run an Identification task and the trust should now be recognised.