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Change event severity level

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Danny H.
Occasional Contributor

Change event severity level


I would like to change the event severity of i.e. the power supply failure - it's now orange (Major) but I'd like to change that to yellow (Minor) as we've dual power supplies and we're short of power connections in our serverroom... :)

Is there a way to change the severity level of events? And, of course, how?

Oh yes, we use HP SIM 5.0 SP2 on Windows 2003 standard.


Re: Change event severity level

You have to change this information in the MIB.

From HP SIM Help:

To edit the .CFG file:

Navigate to the MIB directory:

For Windows operating systems, navigate to \program files\hp\systems insight manager\mibs.

For Linux or HP-UX operating systems, navigate to \opt\mx\mibs.

Run mcompile mymib.mib to create the .CFG file.

After the .CFG file is created, use an ASCII editor of your choice to edit the .CFG file.

To edit trap-specific information in HP Systems Insight Manager:

From HP Systems Insight Manager, select OptionsEventsSNMP Trap Settings.

The SNMP Trap Settings page is displayed.

Select the MIB name.

Select the trap within the MIB to be edited.

Edit the file with your changes, and click [OK] to save your changes.

Note: The changes made through the SNMP Trap Settings page are saved to the HP Systems Insight Manager database only. The .CFG and MIB files are not affected.

Good Luck!