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Changing frequency of email alerts

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Changing frequency of email alerts


I have email alerting set up on HP SIM that sends email when there's a critical/major event. However, it's starting to be a bit too noisy. Is there a way to poll the machines every 5 minutes and only send the alert after 3 events have been logged and still not cleared?


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Re: Changing frequency of email alerts

Hello there,

Emails and thus events are triggered by events that are send from systems. So polling should not give events that get send by email. What kind of events do you keep receiving ?

If the event is not critical you can change the ceverity of create custom filters to nog include some type of event. If you use that filter for the allerting you can change the events you receive.

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Re: Changing frequency of email alerts


I hope the below documents will help you to resolve your query.

HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM) - How To Ensure That A "System Is Unreachable" Event Is Generated By HP SIM Every Time A System Is Rebooted

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