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Changing user & password in SIM 5.1 SP1

Mikael Rönnbäck
Super Advisor

Changing user & password in SIM 5.1 SP1


I've been searching a bit on the forum regarding changing username and password that the SIM service runs under, but all the threads are a bit old and I wanted to check whether anyone knew if there's any change in procedures or if they're still valid.

Some threads list changing the password using the mxpassword -m -x MxDBUserPassword command

There's one thread mentioning running the mxpassword -g to bring up the GUI, nice but then that gives me several password options, which one do I choose, MxHPSIMServicePassword or MxDBUserPassword, or both ?

And then there's the change in user, do I just add the new user with full access to the server, and then change the properties of the Windows-service that SIM runs under, or is there something more to be done ? I remember earlier you had to change the database.props, is that still a requirement in SIM 5.1 SP1 ?

And lastly I'm trying to change the user that runs the VCA/VCRM, previously it has run as a local account on the Windows server, that has been decided is not optimal for security, and I wanted to check whether I could move to a domain account and what minimal access it required ? I read somewhere earlier that it should be possible to set up using only user access but I've never gotten that to work so I must be missing something ?