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Citrix Xenserver 6.0.2 in HP-SIM

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Citrix Xenserver 6.0.2 in HP-SIM


i installed the hp mgmt agents on Citrix xenserver 6.0.2. The SMH works fine (snmp). I discovered the xen host in hpsim, all fine, but under "System Health" there is only "ping", no hardware.

So remote support advanced will not work on this system, I think?!


Any hint how to get hardware informations in hpsim? I already tried "identify system".


And what about the agentless feature? Still not available for Xenserver (ILO advanced license)?


Thank you - best regards,




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Re: Citrix Xenserver 6.0.2 in HP-SIM

Any idea?



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Re: Citrix Xenserver 6.0.2 in HP-SIM

Hi there,


I still have this issue with this server (xenserver 6.0.2).

The hpsim version is 7.0.1


- changed the / FS of xenserver: "chmod 755 /"

- restarted the hp agents on the xenserver

- did a "Identify System" in hpsim (output attached)

- configured ILO4 snmp to "pass thru"

- configured /etc/snmp/snmp.conf (output attached)

- configured the snmp service on the hpsim server (windows 2008R2) --> "accept snmp packets from any host"

- configured snmp protocol settings in hpsim (public)

- hpsmh is already working on xenserver


Still no "System Health" information (hardware) in hpsim (only "ping")


I have no idea - how can I solve this issue?


Thank you!




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Re: Citrix Xenserver 6.0.2 in HP-SIM

I think you should check the firewall settings of your Xenserver.

Try to connect from a web browser on a PC  or even better from a web browser on your SIM Server  to https://yourxenservername:2381

If you do not get the system management home page with all the HW components NIC CPU MEM storage  display

then your SIM Server will also display the information in case you waited for the delay re identification of your managed system. Options-> Indentify to force this process.

I would also send a testtrap from the SMH to your SIM Server to be sure that the system has the correct setup.

Check old entries on ESX integration (not ESXi) entries in this forum.