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Cluster monitor status change


Cluster monitor status change

Getting an error message from HP SIM 6.02:


Event Name: Cluster Monitor Status Change - Node
Event originator: node1
Event Severity: Critical
Event received: 25-Jul-2011, 06:49:31
Event description: Monitor Status Change - Node

Event Details:

 CMX TEXT: Disk Resource: device status on node node1 of cluster <cluster> became critical.


I've seen various posts over the past few years regarding this issue, but there appears to be no resolution.  I'd like to figure out the root cause of these "false positives" and make these annoying messages stop.  I've already tweaked the notification interval to 60 minutes vs 5 and changed the threshholds in Cluster Monitor.

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Re: Cluster monitor status change

I have the same issue. I think its due to the fact that i'm running the 8.60 agents on two cluster servers that techincally are not supported by those versions of the agents. I migth try and downgrade the agents and possibly open a call with HP Support

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