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Any trick to adding a virtual cluster server? (ie IBIIS1 and IBIIS2 clustered to make IBIIS) Adding IBIIS does not show stats nor does SIM know what it is.
fred Passeron
Honored Contributor

Re: Clusters


I am not sure to understand :

1/are you talking about a regular MSCS cluster ? made of two physical nodes ?
If yes then :
1/make sure each node runs the latest Insight Agents (Part of the PSP aka ProLiant Support Pack)
2/Configure these agent to support Cluster info : from the control panel, locate and double click on HP Insight Agents.Once in, activate the cluster support
3/identify the two node or re run a discovery, your cluster should appear.

2/are you talking about an MSCS cluster ? made of two Virtual Machines ?
Ifb yes then...
As far as I know, HP SIM relies on the Insight Agents to gather information on a cluster when speaking about MSCS cluster running on ProLiant servers. Since these agents are only for physical servers, they cannot run on VMs, thus no support of HP SIM for VM based clsuters

Regarding HP UX and Linux based cluster on physical servers, it uses wbem providers to gather infos.

In this case, HP SIM would probably recognized a cluster made of virtual machines running HP UX or Linux.

But not Windows MSCS Based Clusters.

hope it helps

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Re: Clusters

worked like a champ. thanks