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Comand to rerun SIM upgrade to 5.2.2

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Comand to rerun SIM upgrade to 5.2.2

I thing my upgrade didn't went quite right, I had some issues I resolved and rerun the install, But now If I try to do any with System propertis I get this error on one of the logs on SIM directory "mxdomainmgr.log"

Error on db update java.sql.SQLException: Invalid column name 'assocType'. insert into deviceAssocObjects (NodeID, assocObjectLUID, assocType ) values (12884911065, 3032246911030, 0)

Is there a comman to run the SIM setup with like reinstall or any way to rerun SQL commands to add what ever table or column is missing .... Thanks
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Re: Comand to rerun SIM upgrade to 5.2.2

Do the following registry changes (please take a backup of the registry)

HKLM\Software\Hewlett-Packard\System Insight Manager\Settings\Version=C.05.02.00

Now run the SP2 setup again. Once the setup is done, If HPSIM doesn't start, then check for error messages in mxdomainmgr.0.log from the logs folder in HPSIM install directory.

Hope this helps.