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Complete loss of Trust Access

Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Complete loss of Trust Access

Hi All,
HPSIM 5.0 SP5.
Last night we had a maintenance window. various updates MS and HP done to a number of different servers including the HPSIM Server and Database Server.
This morning all SW's are showing trust not configured and any access to the HW page results in the login box. Access works with credentials.

I've gone into a Server, checked the Trust by certificate is set, even deleted and reloaded the certificate from the HPSIM Server.
Also, re-discovered and re-identified.

This behaviour is present on servers, including some VM Host Servers that were not touched last night which indicates it's an HPSIM issue and not the remote server.
I've not found anything in the log files. Anyone seen anything similar and if so how was it fixed?
Maybe this is a hint I need to get 5.1 in!