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Concise Inventory Documentation

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Concise Inventory Documentation

I'm looking for a clean consolidated function to retrieve the following pieces of data from each computer listed in HP SIM.

-DNS name
-IP address
-iLo address
-System Serial Number
-Product Number (only when available)
-Operating System (Windows Server 2003 r2 sp2, not 'build 5.11.12')
-Local Storage
-CPU model
-CPU x64 support
-CPU speed

I know I can manually and eventually gather all this information by reading through pages of system details that HP SIM offers up. But I would ideally like to know what my options are for having -just- these pieces of information displayed, or even better, output to an excel sheet.

Thank you for your time,

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Re: Concise Inventory Documentation

In SIMS on the menu bar, go to Reports, then New Report. Select the systems you want and select Apply, then Next. On the left you can select most of the information you want, and more. You can generate the report is CSV format.
David Claypool
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Re: Concise Inventory Documentation

The majority of what you want is going to be found under Reports --> Manage Reports then select 'Inventory - Servers' and run report. You can choose HTML, CSV or XML output formats. You can copy and then edit the report, adding additional fields if you want or deleting ones you don't want.

As far as the operating system name, we report what the operating system tells us. Here is that field from a report I just ran on a test rig:

HP-UX B.11.23
HP-UX B.11.31
Linux - Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Linux - VMware ESX Server
Linux - XenServer
Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server
Microsoft Windows NT Server
Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Enterprise
Microsoft(R) Windows(R) Server 2003 Enterprise x64 Edition
Microsoft(R) Windows(R) Server 2003, Enterprise Edition
Microsoft(R) Windows(R) Server 2003, Enterprise Edition for 64-Bit Itanium-based Systems
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (64-bit)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server
VMware ESX Server 3i 3.5.0 build-82664

There are some pieces of information we don't collect, like domain and x64 support, but most of the rest is there.
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Re: Concise Inventory Documentation

Thank you,

Yes, using the new report, I can get exactly the kind of output I'm looking for regarding the Name, IP, Serial, PN, Model, OS, and Memory.

The problem is with anything that falls outside of the 'general inventory' tab.

CPU model, speed, and type returned no results at all for my test system (HP BL25p).

Physical HDDs has the same problem, no information, not even a system name with a lot of empty fields after it.

I can't find anywhere in the listing to give me the address of the iLo interface of the target computer.

The domain though easy to find with a little visual perusing of the main pages, is no where to be found in the report options.

Is the issue something to do with my firmware of the blade? BIOS settings? Then I can get back to ensuring I can collect the data I need.

(only other issue with the new reports is that it refuses to spit everything out for one computer on the one line. Have to re-select 'system name' under each data grouping so I know what the results pertain to.)

Thank you for all the help so far,

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Re: Concise Inventory Documentation


I did something like this for our company. If you want everything on one line, you'll have to use the SQL views of the SIM database to write custom reports. Something either with a programming language or in Microsoft Access. It will take some research if you've not done this before, but is definitely worth it if you don't have a reporting team to write your reports for you.
To get started, go to SIM help and search for "reporting views". This will let you know what's available and supported by HP for direct SQL query. Good luck.
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Re: Concise Inventory Documentation


Thanks for all the help previously,
The 'reporting views' doesn't have anything linking the iLo device to the system it's associated with though that information is of course displayed in the HP SIM it's self.

Is there any way using other databases that are part of HP SIM to get the information of which iLo is part of which computer?

I've stumbled accross a few articles of people that have said they've done it, just never an attachement or example or explanation of how they did it.

Thanks a bunch,