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Confusion with wbem and mxnodesecurity settings

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Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Confusion with wbem and mxnodesecurity settings

When I set up HPSIM 5.1 I used mxnodesecurity to load the wbem details for my Virtual Servers.

That seemed to have worked as theses servers were correctly identified.
If I look at the settings via an mxnodesecurity -l command they still look okay.

but if I use HPSIM and click on the server name and then go to Tools tab and the security settings link, the tool indicates that wbem is set to use the global settings. And as the credentials are blank this doesn't seem to be correct. I'd expect my data collection tasks to fail especially as they have neither agents or SNMP installed.

Anyone know what mxnodesecurity lists?
Should this reflect the actual credentials in use?
Frequent Advisor

Re: Confusion with wbem and mxnodesecurity settings

What are your global settings for WBEM? I would think that going to an individual server would only show if the settings were modified specifically for that server. Running mxnodesecurity -l on my Insight Server shows the global settings for WBEM and SNMP(since we run it). It also shows on some servers the specific settings we had to use for some servers (i.e. different credentials).
Joel Rubenstein
Honored Contributor

Re: Confusion with wbem and mxnodesecurity settings


mxnodesecurity -l lists the actual WBEM and SNMP names used to access a specific server. During the SIM discovery / identification process SIM steps through the globally configured SNMP community and WBEM user names and once it finds a name that the server responds to it makes an entry in the nodesecurity.xml file. From that point on it will use the discovered names. This of course can be overridden by configuring system specific protocol settings.
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: Confusion with wbem and mxnodesecurity settings

The global wbem credentials are blank.
When I built the new HPSIM Server I used a wbem batch file to create the wbem entries for the specific servers. I use the same batch file for password updates. Saves quite a bit of manual work.

I would have had a situation where wbem was enabled but with no credentials added when the discovery/identification processes ran. Then the wbem batch file would have run and populated the mxnodesecurity.xml file.

So now, if I drill down via HPSIM to the server protocol settings it is flagged as using the global settings which are blank. But the xml file has the server specific wbem details.
From what you say the xml file is the final item used, which does seem to agree with what I see, namely that the virtual servers are correctly identified.
It would be nice to see the that the server specific credentials are being used from the HPSIM view.