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Connecting SIMS 6.0 to Remote SQL DB with Instance


Connecting SIMS 6.0 to Remote SQL DB with Instance

We are currently using HP SIMS 6.0 and connect to a remote SQL Database (SQL 2008, SP1). We are trying to move the DB to a different SQL server. The difference is that the new Server utilzes an SQL instance. so now instead of "SQLServername" its "SQLServerName\Instance". I guess the reason for this is that some SQL servers are being consolidated and now they are seperating them on the new Server. Im not a SQL guy - Not sure - Dont care.

The process i used is to Shutdown SIMS Service, Modify ODBC Settings (Finds and test connect fine), Modify database.props & database.admin files, and start the service.
Service Starts with no problem. But nothing happens - can not connect to Webpage. Try to open and i just get the dredded timer (might as well be a BSOD)

Current .props & .admin file Config -

Is this correct
Is there anything else that needs to be changed when going from no instance to having an instance?

I have already contact HP Support, Waiting.....
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Re: Connecting SIMS 6.0 to Remote SQL DB with Instance

Yes, you also need to update hpsim-ds.xml located in \jboss\server\hpsim\deploy\ for the new connection URL