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Contract and Warranty Population issue

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Contract and Warranty Population issue

Hi Folks,

I have a customer that has installed a new fully populated Blade Enclosure along with some DL360s which included a SIM Installation as part of the task.

The install is running fine but I am having trouble getting the Contract/ Warranty Icons to display a status other than the Blue Question Mark.

The Remote Support Package is installed and this has been verified. The ISEE client was not installed remotely but instead on the console. I have run/ or:

- Entered all required Customer detail including Proxy plus confirmed a Test event as successful.
- The Remote Services Verification has got a green tick on all servers based on S/N and P/N grabbed from system information from discovery (No Manually entered info).
- Run the Contract/ Warranty Data Collection on all of these servers and this completes without error on all boxes yet:

I don't get the "Green tick" for completion of integration with SIM in the C/W Column. As part of this I am unable to then test a failure event of a server and the subsequent job logging process with ISEE.

Can you provide me with an understanding as what I have not done correctly as I am unable to find anymore information relating to this task within SIM.

Your assistence is appreciated.

Kind regards,