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Couple of HP SIM questions

Lai Chen Kang
Occasional Advisor

Couple of HP SIM questions

Hi all

I have just install HP SIM on RHEL. Have some questions regarding setup.

1. I have added a user "admin" How do I setup the password for this new user?

2. When I want to add servers to HP SIM, should I add the iLO interface or the other NIC, eg NIC1? I want to be able to push PSP (Drivers and Firmware).

Thank you for your time.
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: Couple of HP SIM questions

1. When you add a user to HP SIM, it is assuming that it is a user know to the operating system. The password is set by the OS user. In other words, you have to add 'admin' as a user in Linux first, then tell HP SIM that 'admin' is a user you want to authorize for HP SIM.

2. The host and the iLO are discrete devices. You need to add both, although iLO isn't going to assist you in pushing the PSP.