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Create collection by a list of hostnames? (CLI?)

Valued Contributor

Create collection by a list of hostnames? (CLI?)

Hi everyone,


is there a way to create a system collection by a list of hostnames?

I have a list of about 200+ Servers and cannot use the query "where system name starts with xy" or "where system name contains xy" etc.

Maybe there's a way to make this through HP SIM CLI by importing a text file which includes all hostnames?




Occasional Advisor

Re: Create collection by a list of hostnames? (CLI?)



You can use the mxcollection command

first create your collection (hpsim customize collection => new)

and use CLI "mxcollection -a mem -f listofyourserver.xml"

The xml file example :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<collection-list xmlns="http://www.hp.com/hpsim5.0.0.0">
<collection name="youparentcollection" type="system" >
<member name="yourhostname1" type="node" display-status="0" default-view="tableview" hidden="false" />

<member name="yourhostname2" type="node" display-status="0" default-view="tableview" hidden="false" />


All your server must be discovered first