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Creating Collection based on Array Controller type...

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Creating Collection based on Array Controller type...


I'm trying to create a Collection in SIM based on Array Controller type, for the purposes of deploying firmware updates. However, I'm running into an odd issue along the way. When I select New --> Choose Members By Attributes --> where Software/Firmware --> component type is Individual Components, when I click on the Operating System dropdown, I'm only presented with three options: Windows 2000, Windows NT or Other. No Windows 2003, which is 90% of my environment. (Everywhere else in SIM that I've seen, where there is an option to select an OS, all available OS's have shown up properly.) When I choose Windows 2000 and then pick an Array Controller, the collection properly displays the handful of Windows 2000 machines in my environment. I thought if I picked Other, it would return any OS other than Windows 2000 or Windows NT, but it actually returns nothing - no matches. I had someone at another company try this as well, and he is only seeing Windows NT and Other as options, so he's even worse off than me! :)

So I guess I have three questions:

1) Are you seeing similar behavior with this dropdown box in your SIM environment?

2) If you answer Yes to #1, do you have any idea why this would be the case, or how to fix it?

3) Can you think of any other way to accomplish my objective of creating a Collection based on array controller type? My first attempt was to run a report to show all controller types by system and then manually create a Collection for each, but that got old really quick! :)

BTW, I'm running SIM 5.2

Thanks very much!
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Re: Creating Collection based on Array Controller type...

Did you ever get this resolved....I have the same problem...but I get Linux and ESX server, but no 2003, 2008.

Thanks, Mike Jones