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Creating SIM collection based on server OS

Kerry Quillen
Regular Advisor

Creating SIM collection based on server OS

I am trying to create some system collections in SIM for the purpose of replicating agent settings.  Creating collections for Windows 2003 and 2008R2 versions was simple but 2008 non-R2 is presenting a challenge.  I need to distinguish between x86 and x64 versions.  When selecting the criteria, I choose 'Search for systems where Operating System name is   ...... The problem is that the drop down choices for the OS versions do not distinguish between x86 and x64.  Maybe I'm missing something simple but has anyone else ran into this and possibly solved it?  Thx

Occasional Advisor

Re: Creating SIM collection based on server OS

Are you sure that the systems you mention to be non-R2 are discovered as such? 

The dropdown in collection is generated from the OS names from the systems. So if you check which name it writes as OS Name in the system page. It should be in the dropdown list.


I just made a test and changed the OS Name to something different and the new name showed up in the dropdown. So you really shouldn't have a problem... :-/

Honored Contributor

Re: Creating SIM collection based on server OS

In my experieince, the OS name does not contain the archtiecture.

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