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Critical Alert in huge numbers!

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Critical Alert in huge numbers!

My HPSIM is working perfectly for three months, however lately it start sending lot of alerts(three pagefull!) in my inbox(Alert Notificationis enabled).Eventhough all servers are up and running.
Here is the content of the emails
The current system is no longer reachable from the central management server, hardware status polling has marked this system as not responding

My verion of HPSIM is
Systems Insight Manager 5.0 with SP3 - Windows OS- Windows 2003
Build version: C.

Any nice idea from this group.
John Stalzer
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Re: Critical Alert in huge numbers!

I've come across this problem already. With me, it turned out being a bandwith issue. We have some apps that were sending out patches every hour to different locations in the US. When these patches were being pushed out, it caused a bandwith issue that gave me up to 300 critical alerts a day.

Good luck,

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Re: Critical Alert in huge numbers!

Thanks! any other feedback?

Actually. all my Servers are just in Local LAN and not in a WAN environment.

No error in Event logs that I can trace quite weird..

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Re: Critical Alert in huge numbers!


Your SIM server isn't having any type of network connectivity issues is it? Do you have any NIC agent events in the System event log? Anything in the IML? The only thing that I can think of would be that the CMS (SIM server) itself is having connectivity issues, detecting its clients as offline and then when it comes back up it fires off the event emails.
You may want to capture an output of your mx.log file and attach it to your next post. You've certainly got an odd one, good luck.