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Custom Baseline with HPSUM

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Custom Baseline with HPSUM

To my knowledge  the new version of HP SPP has  no seperate Windows version anymore: there is only one (big) ISO file.

In order to make a Custom Baseline you've got to start launch_hpsum.bat and do a Options/BaseLineLibrary and then Actions/Create Custom. You then choose  O/S,ServerType and so on. From that you can create a bootable ISO or

only the xml+all the cp's you need for your customized baseline.

That works very well. You can update your server with the bootable CD.

You can even do a "Upload Service Pack" in the VCRM, but ...  you cannot see your customized baseline as a reference,

so you cannot assign your customized baseline to servers from within HPSIM.


Am I correct, or do I miss something ??


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Re: Custom Baseline with HPSUM

If you upload the SPP into your VCRM it will show up and will only show updates for the server/OS you hold it against. So if you upload this one SPP you can assign this to all your servers. If you create a custom baseline in the VCRM it also creats a XML file, this file is what defines a baseline. I have not tried to create a package with HPSUM but if you want that to work in the VCRM it must create a XML.

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